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Colleen with her dogs Maizee and Fergus


Welcome to Happy K-Nine 
Dog Training

-Behavior Problems
-Fear Aggression issues
-Training Modifications
-Safe New Dog Home Instruction

"Enrich your relationship with your canine friend by learning how to create a happy and healthy bond."
-Colleen Simmons, owner/trainer 

At HAPPY K-NINE DOG TRAINING we believe that a confidant dog paired with good leadership and consistency will create the bond needed for a happy and healthy relationship with your dog. Colleen will evaluate each case individually, and work with dog and owner to create the best training program that is specific to you and your dog's needs.  

 With over 15 years' experience working with many of the best-balanced dog trainers in the area, Colleen has now dedicated her entire focus on dog training.  She started HAPPY K-NINE DOG TRAINING 5 years ago and now dedicates all of her time to showing dog owners how to have a confident, well-mannered dog, and a healthy relationship for a long happy life together. 



All training will start with the evaluation.  This is the time that we will get to know you and your dog.  We will listen to your needs and challenges, and take into account the dog’s breed, age, behavioral and mental conditions.  We can then come up with a training plan that is individually geared to you and your dog.  $200.00/evaluation

  • All training programs include support via phone or email

  • All training programs include a training collar and leash that suits the selected training method


Private training will start at the owner's home unless otherwise stated. This could include walking and training around the neighborhood, fieldtrips to shopping centers, downtown, parks, or wherever the best location is to help your dog overcome any fears and to grow confidence. This may include walking with other approved dogs.  Number of sessions will depend on dog and owner's needs.  $100.00/hr  

                              (Travel fees may apply)


All board and train will be at our Santa Rosa facility.  

This is a 21 day stay that includes obedience and behavior training/modification depending on the dog's needs. Field trips may be part of the program if needed to work on a fear or trigger, or real-world socialization. A 2 hour go home (graduation) session will be scheduled at the facility with the family. This will include a demonstration of skills as well as training for the family with the dog.  A follow-up session (included) will be scheduled at the time of graduation.  $3500.00-$4000.00/ 21 days



Some of our Happy K-Nine graduates from the
 3-week training program

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Happy K-Nine
Dog Training


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